Qualitative Research

Interning at Intel Labs, I researched and designed new playful ways of engaging with data in everyday life. As part of this project I conducted fieldwork with teens, prototyped “data-sandbox” toolkits, designed and led playtests with target demographics, interviewed luminaries in the field of play, and synthesized findings with emerging opportunities in the fields of IoT and quantified-self. Outside participants included… Read more »

December 16, 2015

The Movie Tagger project (a continuation of work described here and here) was initially inspired by a grand vision to parse and richly tag every movie ever made. With an eye toward exploring new models of folksonomic “expert-sourcing”, I set out to interview 12 film different scholars in order to adapt their research to metadata tagging schemas and… Read more »

February 7, 2012

This project explores what happens to on-the-street interviews when they are driven by live online audiences. Drawing on McLuhan’s imagery of electronic media as prosthetic extensions, I designed a platform that lets online audiences conduct collaborative “on the street” interviews without actually being “on the street.” A hybrid mobile and browser-based interface enabled live audiences to speak through an intermediary wielding a camera and a phone…. Read more »