LoveLog is a Sloan awarded short film about love and augmented reality. The story explores new opportunities to record our memories colliding with the messy reality of romantic relationships. Young lovers Felix and Sadie never take off their augmented reality (AR) glasses and constantly record video of their lives as they tag and catalog their memories using… Read more »

December 17, 2015

Baby’s First Touch Screen is a design fiction short I made about a touch screen that doesn’t want to be touched. If a user attempts to touch the device too quickly, two shielding appendages close. In this short scenario, an expectant mother is devastated when her newly purchased “Baby’s First Touch Screen” device is stolen by a… Read more »

December 15, 2015

An experimental shot in Japan, A Different Self? explores the identity transformations of bilingual speakers. Structured as a series of interviews shot shot in Japan in 2005, the piece revolves around a central question: “Are you a different person when you speak a different language?”

February 7, 2012

I made this remix in January of 2006 when Youtube was still relatively new. I remember staying up late mesmerized by this new window onto our culture, and I recall being fascinated by the way that the ethos of online video in that particular moment seemed to reiterate so much of what I’d read about… Read more »

Inspired by my own experience as a liminal subject in Japan, this project explores the tensions between my sense of self as a foreigner in Japan and the image of the westerner in Japanese media. I focused especially on the issue of translation (or translational adaptation), as the piece was originally written in English and… Read more »

Set in the context of telecom immunity debates of 2007 and 2008, Secrets for Senators is a performative intervention in which intimate secrets are confessed over the phone to senators who support warrantless wiretapping. This work considers the current threat of pervasive surveillance and illegal spying as a kind of psychic violence inflicted by the… Read more »

This project explores what happens to on-the-street interviews when they are driven by live online audiences. Drawing on McLuhan’s imagery of electronic media as prosthetic extensions, I designed a platform that lets online audiences conduct collaborative “on the street” interviews without actually being “on the street.” A hybrid mobile and browser-based interface enabled live audiences to speak through an intermediary wielding a camera and a phone…. Read more »