Dendritix: Inter-dimensional Gnome Hunt

Dendritix Rules

This locative game was designed in collaboration with Jeff Watson, Juli Griffo, and Ed Yee. It requires partners to collaborate via mobile phones as they navigated through physical and virtual worlds. One player navigates a text-based MUD modeled after the real-life rooms of the play space while the other navigates through physical space. The text-world-navigator can spot the interdimensional gnomes when they enter a room in the MUD and must quickly communicate the location to the physical-navigator without attracting the attention of the other players.

Narrative Overview:
Interdimensional Gnomes are on the loose! Ingest dendritix pills to travel in the gnomes’ dimension. Teams compete to find and capture the elusive gnomes. Gnomes can only be captured when you utter their true name. One team member searches for gnomes in a drug facilitated virtual world while the other sneaks about in the physical world carrying out naming-missions and trying not to lose their tail. Watch out for other teams who may thwart your attempts to win the game.