Leviathan (immersive narrative design)

20160429_110946_resizedDuring my time at Intel Labs I researched immersive narrative opportunities for Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan triology. As part of this process, I led immersive concept ideation sessions for Alex McDowell’s World Building Media Lab (WBMl). I facilitated the WBMl team in exploring a range of character perspectives that an immersive story experience could take in VR. One of the key innovations I advocated for was to leverage the concept of homuncular flexibility by enabling participants to take the perspective of non-human subjects. For example, VR users could the perspective of Westerfeld’s Huxley, a floating jellyfish-like animal that assists with reconnaissance. And when a user moves their arms they could manipulate the Huxley’s tentacles. McDowell’s group would go on to incorporate this concept in the Leviathan VR project that they showcased at Sundance in 2016. I was also interviewed by Vice for their Creators Project about my collaboration with Intel.